When Your Life Changes Forever, You Are Not Alone

Christian Attar is very aware of the devastation resulting from a catstrophic personal injuries and wrongful deaths caused by the negligent actions of another person or institution. We understand the financial and emotional toll these tragic events can take on you and your family.

Christian Attar has helped our clients obtain the justice they deserve and a financial settlement that has allowed them to move beyond the struggle to survive.

Christian Attar never loses sight of each client’s unique needs and objectives. We work diligently and vigorously to hold responsible parties accountable for the losses they have caused, and we never back down until we achieve the best results for our clients.


Aviation litigation often involves legal statutes that come under state, national, and even international jurisdiction. Domestic air travel is regulated by two Federal agencies, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

When you and your family encounter a serious aviation accident, you need representation from a law firm with experience in aviation litigation. Christian Attar understands aviation non-compliance of FAA rules and regulations, as well as the international treaties, and how all of these affect issues such as flight crew negligence, faulty equipment, and air traffic control error. We have years of experience in securing compensation for our clients, skillfully wield our knowledge and experience to aggressively pursue compensation for your loss.




CLL invites you to take advantage of the vast expertise and experience that makes us a truly unique firm. Our skilled lawyers are at your disposal and poised to zealously protect your interests.