Together with co-counsel, attorneys at Christian Levine have been pursuing investment banking and brokerage firms on Wall Street for 20 years for naked short selling, which is a sophisticated form of stock manipulation.

Throughout this time, we have identified the schemes and devices we believe are being used by Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America Securities, and other brokerage firms.

Since 2017, we have successfully settled five of these lawsuits in three different states for clients such as, Taser International, Inc. (the taser gun company), and Petquarters, Inc. We are actively pursuing other naked short selling cases in Utah and two other U.S. states.

In litigating these complex cases, Christian Levine and its team of lawyers have taken numerous depositions and reviewed hundreds of millions of pages of documents. In total, our firm has done due diligence on more than 70 public companies in connection with the prime brokers’ illegal practices.

Alongside Christian Levine’s work, the SEC and FINRA have discovered illegal practices by many prime brokers and have imposed hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for some of their illegal activities. In fact, criminal charges have been brought by The Department of Justice against individuals for their involvement in these schemes.

Our experience, and more, has all been reported in two groundbreaking documentaries: “Wall Street Conspiracy” and “Gaming Wall Street.”


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